It’s a new day…

About eight weeks ago, I recieved a group of photos taken at a family function.   Everyone looked healthy and happy as I suffled through the stack until I got to one of me, then another of me and another.  All the photos showed a chubby woman who I had believed looked much slimer than that.  ….the camera doesn’t lie, a picture is worth a thousand words etc.   How did I get to this place of chub.

The slim days are long gone, the scale tells me so every time I step on.  Where the scale failed to get the message across those pictures spoke volumes.  Within days of taking a look at the size I had become I took a close look at how I’d gotten there.  Was it the pizza, the cake, the cookies, bowls of ice cream, or the 3rd slice of bread, was it the wine, the beer, the nuts, the chips or the second helpings at dinner.  I had to admit it was all of those things and one more. DIETING.  The yoyo of losing some then re-gaining more and more belly fat. 

With plans to lose five, ten or even fifteen pounds in a week I was doomed for failure.  My girth increased a pound or even four pounds at a time through poor choices and unhealthy lifestyle.  My new realistic plan is to lose just one pound a week, I’m down 8 pounds so far.  I know I will reach a plateau from time to time and I sure won’t remain there nor will I go up each week.

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