My First Blog

Earlier today I wrote a bit About Me so check it out.  But …This my first blog post ever!  What I failed to share in the About Me post is my love of the PLAN.  I always have a plan of some sort, either a plan of how to fill my time, how to manage my time or how to fill and manage someone elses time.    On an ordinary day I “Just do it” and on other days I might need a list to boost me.  My list usually is filled with the mundane,  sometimes when I’m feeling particularly unmotivated I need to write it down step by step: drag clothes to washer, open washer, add water, add soap…you get the picture.  In the slightly enviable position of having a somewhat passive cash flow – yes I have time on my hands which can lead to low energy; that’s why I love The Plan  and to make a plan for moments I might otherwise get so bored I turn to extra food as an activity.  I love to plan so much some of my friends ask about the Plan within minutes of contact.  It’s all about the plan.  Last night I lay awake wondering what kind of plan could I create for this Blog, so come again and check out the Plan!

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