A Union Jack please…

imageIt’s a new day and I have new projects ahead. Currently I am in love with the Union Jack flag and anything British really. Coronation Street, Scott and Bailey, Heartbeat and Masterpiece Theatre can draw me to the “telly” for an evening. Something else I like to keep my eye on is craigslist, preferably for free finds.
Occasionally we find fantastic freebies and have redesigned our whole garden with plants, planters, shrubs and trees all found for free on craigslist. One of our best finds was 550 sq ft of flag stone! My husband Roy, the man I call my own human backhoe took self and truck in pouring rain and after 4 trips and a couple of weeks had made pathways and patio transforming an unused waste land into an inviting place of peaceful beauty.
When it comes to finding free furniture on Craigslist there are some real ugly ducklings out there. My searches are never about finding the already beautiful. My searches are about potential; down on its luck wood furniture, having seen better days and now begging to be transformed into eye appealing functional pieces.
Of course I can’t keep every piece so who knows I might have to sell some. My favourite is the Union Jack table. I’ll be making a series of these beauties. And I’ll post more