An Apple a Day….

Take the stairs instead of the elevator if it looks like a safe building, park at the furthest corner of a lot then walk to destination or park a block or two away.  Many functional ideas for exercise exist by mindfully engaging in an active living lifestyle.  Fire the house keeper (if you are lucky enough to have one) and do your own vaccuuming, mow your own lawn, bend and stoop to pull your own weeds.  In fact if you don’t have a garden but do have the space put one in as gardening is one of the best exercises you can get.  And hey Seniors, Health Canada says to keeping your mind alert,  exercise is key and I guess that is what makes the gardening seniors stand out as fit fit fit and of course healthy as long as there are no pesticides added!  And if you are really lucky to keep fit plant an apple tree of your own and there is your apple a day…

Well I guess it will have to be a FSBO in Vernon

Can you see yourself sitting in this window?  Well I could.  We purchased this house a year ago for 439000.00 During this time we have put on a new roof (12000), laid wood floors (5000), updated kitchen and bathrooms (2000), installed new kitchen appliances (3000), new window coverings, removed a wall, removed walls and walls of wall paper and painted throughout.  This house has gone from dark, wallpapered gloom to bright and beautiful.  Now our home is spacious, open, inviting; with views from every room.  A home to be proud of, a perfect entertainers home, a home that is totally soothing to the soul…and it is FOR SALE BY OWNER. 

Today is the first day going it alone, no Realtor.  We are very flexible, motivated and open to offers.  My day began with a flyer delivery to all the Realtors in town.  The flyer offers a $1000 selling bonus if sold by October 10th 2010 as well as the promise of the listing if an accepted offer is made.  I am presuming if you are reading this you are NOT a Realtor so let me make an offer to you – Be the first to find a buyer for our house and we will pay you $2000.00 unpon completion of the sale.  No kidding!  For pictures etc go to