Day 30, lessons I’ve learned

My thirty days of painting art cards has come to an end, I succeeded in following through with a daily regime that offered no money or other obvious pay off. I’ve felt pride in painting the minis and feel pride in writing about them daily on my blog. For some this may be standard practice; for me this has been living outside my lifelong norm. The number one lesson I’ve learned this month is, employing a daily creative practice is like a soothing salve for my burning grief. I’ve learned living in the moment isn’t as easy as just doing it and Ive learned living in the moment takes mindfulness and practice. I’ve learned that creativity happens in the moment; creating too, happens in the moment. I’ve learned each day lived in the mindful moment will bring a new surprise, something I did not know about or know how to do or a new way of seeing the same old thing. I learned I can follow through, my motivation is still somewhat illusive but I do follow through. I’ve learned by limiting my options to ones insuring success, actually guarantees success and I’ve learned allowing myself to succeed brings no harm. To celebrate a successful culmination of thirty days of blogging about my meditative mini masterpieces it seems appropriate today’s featured card is a bouquet of flowers.


5 thoughts on “Day 30, lessons I’ve learned

    • Oh yes, You’ll still see post from time to time. I’ll be posting some pictures of various projects I have on the go including two chairs, that I may live to regret starting on. We’ll see what happens eh? I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog and am so grateful you did, so that I know Jason is still thought of by people besides myself and his dad.

      • I hope that you continue on with your blog as I feel it is a wonderful way to express yourself and that you have used it to it’s full potential! And you must know, that I – we, your huge family – think of Jason all the time. xxoo

      • Oh, good! Ah, the projects we start and then can’t wait to just get through them. I hope they don’t turn into one of those for you. I am curious to see what happens. Yes, I heard about Jason’s death from a fellow classmate on Facebook almost a year later. The post spurred a lot of comments from other old classmates and actually led to us meeting up down at the OB that summer for an impromptu reunion. It was pretty cool to see everyone again.

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