What is it Realtors do for their commission…

What I never told you is, in a previous life I was a Realtor; so I do know what a Realtor ought to do for their commission.  The duties of a Realtor depend on whether they are buyers agents or sellers agents.

Making it simple, the seller agent prepares for the seller a list of comparable homes for sale in the area as well as a list of comparable sales in the area as a tool to determine list price.  The Sellers agent arranges for advertising, using print, internet and social networking; they may offer open houses and should be present for all showings by other Realtors.  When it comes time for an offer, they work with the buyer either directly or through the buyers own Realtor to negotiate the very best deal for you!

As a Buyers agent a Realtor is beholden to search all listings on MLS to narrow down your wish list to less than 7 perfect houses (a really good Realtor who is intuitive can do this). Once you have found your dream home, a really good buyers agent will see the buyer signs then be strong with a close and get, you, the buyer to write an offer.  Many buyers are contract shy even though the goal is to buy they need help pulling the trigger… so to speak.

As we wait for our own home to sell we take a look at other listing and frankly I am appalled with the service the Seller Realtors are offering.  Namely the photos…. the age of social networking, shopping on line is here.  I won`t waste my time physically looking at a house that doesn`t have a full range of pictures.  Each Real Estate Board allows X number of pictures to be included in the listing.  Why would a Realtor not provide a full spectrum of marketing tools.   Shame on you if you don`t use as many pictures as you can Realtors!!!!

PS – I loved being a Realtor – and I was good!!!

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