New chapters on the way

Like many folks I’ve a tendency to make resolutions for a new year. This year was no different. I made big plans to lose weight, to exercise more, eat and enjoy food slowly, and to be a better listener. In 2020 the first year of the decade ahead, my biggest resolution was to move out of my shell and get serious about writing and publishing.

Late 2019 I joined the Vancouver Island Romance Authors (VIRA) and the Federation of BC Writers. Last September I joined a local a writers group in my own community. These small steps empowered me. There was no need to be alone any longer. Oh sure I write alone but I had begun the process of building a community of support.

Then covid 19 made an appearance. With a precaution to self isolate I did. And with all the time in the world to write I turned attention to home improvements instead. The recliner eventually beckoned and with dog close by, coffee at hand, setting to work I grabbed my iPad – happy to report I’ve got my second book on the way for publication.

And as for the 2020 resolutions, I did lose weight. With restaurants closed I began to cook my own food and enjoy it more. I like to think I’ve become a better listener too but you’d have to ask my husband if that is true.

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